Houston (Phase II) Metro Light Rail Expansion
On the $1.23 billion "Houston Light Rail expansion,"we achieved connectivity throughout the 4new corridors(North, East, South East, Downtown) rangingover 30 miles. Adhering to strict cable preparation, fusion splicing and testing specifications we successfully installed new underground fiber optic splice enclosures,cabinet distribution panels as well as refurbished existing fiber optic distribution panels, making communication achievable between all (ACC) axel counter cabinets, (GCC) gated crossing cabinets, (ECC) emergency gated crossing,(CIC) communications interface cabinets, aerial remote access points, signal houses and substations. All deadlines were met ahead of schedule, or on time while adopting and fulfilling (HRT), "Houston Rapid Transit’s" Project Safety, Quality and Compliance program for over a year.(Letter of recommendation received upon completion of project)
CenterPoint Energy- Turnkey communications services
Through CenterPoint Energy's "Master Contract'' Chiron has been part of several significant projects including (BBOP) Broadband Over Power, (AMS) Advanced Metering System, power plant fiber optic and copper cable backbone new builds, emergency restorations and active cable relocates. Services include full Turnkey installations such as engineering, underground and aerial construction, splicing, testing of both ISP/OSP Copper and fiber optic cables, as-built and final documentation packages.
Windstream Communications- FTTH
Over 6 years of ongoing (FTTH)fiber to the home for Windstream Communications, Chiron serviced and established connectivity for virtually all of the new Sugarland area homes such as Chelsea Harbor, Commonwealth, Sweetwater, First Colony, Telfair, Sierra Traces, Riverstone, Old Orchard, Mission Sierra, Avalon and Aliana from node to pedestal to cross box, (DLC) digital loop carrier to the Main CO. Services also include many new builds such as cable relocations for local, private and government business and associations in the Sugarland area such as, Fort Bend Independent School District, Western Airways, AT&T Cell Sites and local hospitals. In Defiance Ohio, Chiron built the new FTTH network covering over 25 miles of rural northern Ohio for Arthur Mutual Telephone Company. Services included fiber optic cable preparation, pedestal and (NID) Network InterfaceDevice splicing and final testing.
City of Houston- West Houston Traffic Signal Communications
With the installation of over 70 underground and signal cabinet fiber enclosures and almost 2,000 fusion splices for more than 30 spans, we made communication achievable for over 10 miles of the $2.2 million "City of Houston’s traffic signal network upgrade" stretching over a 2 year span.
Texas Department of Transportation- Traffic Signal Cabinet Build
In less than 2 months working with TxDOTwe installed 16 fiber optic enclosures, spliced 400 fibers, tested 216 fibers bi-directionally with an Optical Time Domain Reflectometer and Power Meter on an 8 span run 3 miles long.
TransCore- State Highway 99 Grand Parkway
Complying with a stringent 4 tier testing specification on a 3 mile route we were able to achieve continuity for toll plazas, cameras, (DMS) dynamic message signs and communication HUBs with over 250 splices and 20 enclosure build out for 13 spans.
Level 3- Southern Methodist University, Back-bone Cable Relocation
While under a 3yr national Level 3 contract, on this project, Chiron performed six ring cuts, complete cable and enclosure preparations on two 864 count fiber cables and one 432 count cable with a combination of both single and mass fusion splicing totaling 2,160 fibers in 5 consecutive nights while working under a maintenance window. Bi-directional(OTDR) Optical Time Domain Reflectometer and Power Meter testing on 1,683 fibers were performed at both 1310nm and 1550nm wavelengths between three Level 3 communications sites.
CenturyLink- 1950 Stemmons Expansion (Transport)
While holding the maintenance contract for the state of Texas, we have performed countless projects for CenturyLink varying in all size. On this particular project, we were assigned to prep several 864 count cable locations as well as several 144 count MIC cables into new vaults and rack mount enclosures within confined spaces for 2 months in the Dallas area. After installing new fiber enclosures, refurbishing existing splice enclosuresand fusion splicing 3,580 fibers, we tested over 1,000 fibers bi-directionally by OTDR and Power Meter methods. During the duration of this project, a secondary project was performed at the same time. Services included Pre-installation fiber optic reel certification testing on (18) 864 count reels and (9) 432 count reels and (9) 216 count reels for the Dallas, Fort Worth, USFAA (United States, Federal Aviation Administration) expansion. Both projects performed and completed in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX.
Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives- Structured Cabling
Through Four Points Communication Services we installed, terminated and tested 32,000 feet of combined Cat5e Voice, Data, Radio and coaxial cables as well as installing racks and equipment at the new ATF seized evidence office location in Houston, TX. Upon completion of this project, Chiron was presented with a letter of commendation from Four Points Communication Services. “I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to Chiron Communications for their outstanding level of Customer Service and Workmanship. It has been a pleasure working with you and your technical staff to date, and I look forward to developing our relationship further.”
Ian Leibner
Ian Leibner Project & Program Manager – Government Accounts Four Points Communication Services Inc